IPv6 Deployment Status

Here at Oldelvet towers we have been deploying IPv6 for a couple of years. At this point we have a stable deployment running both on our private networks and on a number of internet deployed servers. Indeed this very site is accessible by both IPv4 and IPv6.

Here is a quick summary of the current status of our deployment to date.

  • Co-lo hosting with IPv6 provided by
    • Mythic Beasts
    • Bytemark
  • Broadband IPv6 – using a tunnel provided free by Sixxs.net and Goscomb.net
  • Tunnel endpoint/router/firewall Buffalo Air Station WZR-HP-G300NH running Openwrt.
  • DNS
    • Mythic Beasts forward and reverse DNS
    • Bytemark – no reverse DNS (not sure on availability of this yet)