Rivers for Change

This evening I attended an event hosted by Transition Durham and the Environment Agency Lower Wear Catchment Pilot folks. They are looking to pull together all of the river users and pull together some plans for improvement of the river.

Tonights session started out with a brain storming session to capture information about the river users, their needs and known issues. It then turned into a discussion session looking at how to reach out to the wider community of river users.

I didn’t take note of everyone who was there but there were a few of us from the rowing community; Durham University Sport; River Wears Trust; Angling community along with a few others.

Side note: Even though I have lived in Durham for approaching 20 years this was the first time that I’ve visited Alington House - The Community Centre in the heart of Durham City. I’ve heard lots about it in the press but never been there. Whilst its an old building it does have a nice view overlooking the river.