Just seen the most amazing thing. Was out for a walk at 22:55 21st September and saw what must be a fireball streaking across the sky from east to west. I was up near the traffic lights in Sacriston heading down towards Witton Gilbert.

The fireball went across my field of view in a couple of seconds. My first thought was that it was a firework because there were at least 5 pieces of it. But the speed that it was moving and the fact that it was silent made me think that it must be high and fast. I ran to a break in the houses and saw it disappearing over the hills towards Burnhope.

There’s nothing on the news sites yet but plenty of people on Twitter have seen it. A couple have photos and one has a video of the meteor. Lots of sightings from all over the UK and Ireland.

Update: BBC starting to cover the story So far it hasn’t been confirmed whether it is a meteor or just space junk. Whichever it was it was a great light show.