UK IPv6 Council

The slides and video recordings from the UK IPv6 Council meeting make interesting reading. It’s good to see that BT, BSkyB and Virgin Media all have well advanced plans to roll out IPv6 to their customer base within the next 12 months.

I’ve always been very disappointed with the level of preparedness in the UK. I’ve been running an IPv6 network for 5 years using a variety of tunneling technologies but it will be good when full native support is finally rolled out. I do hope that the broadband providers adopt a sensible allocation of address space to individual connections to allow sensible subnetting without too much hassle.

Shame that there was no sign of TalkTalk at the meeting. Their sales and support staff have always disappointed me by not knowing what IPv6 is nevermind having an clue as to when it will be rolled out by themselves. One sales staff tried to convince me that I was thinking about a TV channel “ITV6” and that the channel didn’t exist! I am somewhat encouraged to see that their latest Superouter does seem to have IPv6 support built in although it does seem to have a very dumbed down idea about firewalls and port forwarding that make me think it isn’t really that “Super”.